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No story told is better than the one you live by yourself. That's why we want your users to create their own stories through a user experience that meets their needs and fits their motivations and expectations. Our UX methodology and UI designs improve your product's perception of value and your audience's satisfaction.

Make your product and your audience the perfect match!

We help all kinds of startups and companies to improve their branding and make better their product with a powerful design that strongly connects with their users, helping them to solve all their needs.


We study what the market offers in relation to your product and assess how we could improve or evolve it by implementing the latest trends in the digital sector, both technological and design.


We analyze your project's potential and suit it to the real needs of your audience by creating custom 'buyer personas' that define what they expect from your product and how they will interact with it.

UX/UI Design

Achieve more conversions thanks to our user-centric designs, which will make your site or application easily usable.


We start your project from scratch, from wireframes in which we design the structure that your site or application will have to interactive mockups with which you will have a real image of your project before developing it.


We anticipate the needs of your customers, detect possible bugs and add improvements to your product with our usability tests, like heat maps, beta testing, moderated interviews with users or A/B tests.

Design System

We create a fully visual universe that will shape your brand to transmit solvency and professionalism: logos, images, typographies, icons, pixel perfect prototypes...

make it

Don't limit your ideas

Dare to take a risk with your designs or tell us your most ambitious ideas. At OKB Interactive Studio your projects come true with our experienced development team. All technical needs are covered and you will get the original touch you need for your website, microsites, landing pages or marketing campaigns.

Clean Code

We hate Spaghetti code. Our work is built following HTML5 and CSS3 web standards. That's why your product will be fully scalable and easy to maintain both by us and other teams.

WordPress, Woocommerce or Salesforce

We are specialists in integrating your website with platforms such as WordPress or Woocommerce as well as any CRM you use, so you will be able to self-manage your site and all your business opportunities in a very comfortable way.

Mobile First

Your projects will be ready to offer the best experience on smartphones. We develop native and hybrid web applications and work with Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Always up to date

Videos, CSS animations, elegant transitions between pages, amazing scroll effects... Yeah! We provide you with the latest web development technologies to achieve a professional look for your project.


We shape your online store focused on sales and with all the features you need, such as suggested sales, promotional coupons, related products, payment integration...

Digital Marketing

Get new customers for your company and improve the relationship you have with them thanks to our more effective communications on landing pages, emailing or social media platforms.

Our clients

These are some of the clients who have trusted us to realize their projects.

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