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We apply the latest design trends combined with UX methodology, so we can offer your users an unique experience through really inspiring digital products that make you to stand out.

We create your visual identity

You need a visual identity that conveys your personality and allows you to connect with your audience. In OKB Interactive Studio we help you to generate all the branding of your company. We elaborate for you a brand guidelines that includes:


We design your logo according to the values of your brand and adjusted to the preferences of your audience.

Color palette

We carefully select the colors of your brand so they convey to your users the emotions they need to feel.


We choose the typography that best matches the personality of your brand and the tone of your messages.

Brand symbols

We create a whole visual universe of differentiating graphic elements (illustrations, iconography, patterns, layouts...) that will make your brand easily identifiable.

Voice Tone

We bring the personality of your startup to life based on its values and we define the correct tone of voice to talk to your users.

Brand Collateral

We define your image throughout the multiple points of contact with your users: social media designs, investment pitches, emailing, brochures, merchandising, packaging, business cards…

Find your focus

UX Research

We analyze what the market offers in relation to your product and then we evaluate how we could improve and evolve it by implementing the latest trends in the digital sector, both technological and design.


We analyze the potential of your product and adjust it to the real needs of your customers by creating buyer personas that accurately represent your target audience.


We help you to shape your project to better achieve its objectives: we define its functionalities and contents and according to all this we create its structure and navigation.

UI Design

We design user friendly interfaces that facilitate the understanding of your application and its navigation. This way your visitors will be able to perform the actions you need them to do.

Interactive Prototyping

We use Figma to develop interactive prototypes with which you can see without coding a single line how your application looks and navigate through it.

Pixel Perfect Designs

From the beginning of the design process, we need to have the development phase in mind. All the assets we work with in our prototypes are in raw format files (whether .PSD or .AI) because access to these elements will allow us to extract information for development that is not available in a flat file.

We develop Design Systems for your product to grow in an agile and consistent way

Nowadays digital products need to add new functionalities, grow, pivoting... In short, they need to change to survive. And they need to do it quickly. So the challenge of any website is not only to get a beautiful design, but this design serves as a solid foundation for an agile growth.

Improve your products

We examine your users' interaction with the product to gather reliable qualitative and quantitative information to help us define new features and optimize the user experience.

Before development

We do moderated usability testing sessions with your potential users to analyze how they understand the application and determine if they are able to perform all key actions correctly.

After development

We also can include in your development as many analytics tools, heat maps or recording sessions as you need, such as Google Analytics, Hotjar or Mouseflow. That's how we check that users are not having any problems using your application.

Let's design something awesome

We help startups and companies to improve the design of their products.
  • Researching.
  • Conceptualization.
  • UX/UI Design.
  • Wireframing.
  • Testing.
  • Design System.

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At OKB Interactive Studio we help startups, agencies and companies of all types and sizes to improve their brand image and perfect their product through a design that connects intensely with its users.

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