A rebranding to revitalize your campaigns

Marketing professionals usually say that everything communicates. This is because everyone agrees that creating a good campaign is not only about introducing the product properly, defining the target precisely, choosing the best timing or finding the right message. It is also about the way the final recipients receive it all. Colors, images, typographies, signs, space distribution... All these elements make up a visual identity that,if well defined, can strongly support your work but, if poorly planned, it can cause the whole thing to fall apart.

For this reason, if your digital marketing campaigns are not getting the expected results, maybe it's time to update your visual identity. OKB Interactive Studio can help you.

A rebranding to revitalize your campaigns

Case study

About this project

Improving conversion rates

ISDI is a digital business school based in Madrid with offices in Barcelona, Paris and Mexico City. Its mission is the digitization of professionals and companies through education. In 2022 they contacted us to help them redesign the visual identity of their digital marketing campaigns in its different phases (awareness, consideration, conversion and loyalty) in order to improve their paid media results.

We do

Design of new visual identity, design of assets for paid media campaigns in social networks, design of emails and their implementation in Pardot, design of landing pages and their implementation in Landingi.

A rebranding to revitalize your campaigns
A rebranding to revitalize your campaigns
A rebranding to revitalize your campaigns

A strategic approach

A rebranding is always a delicate moment for any company. That is why from the beginning we approached the project not only as something aesthetic, but also strategic, establishing four requirements that the new visual identity had to meet:

Unifying within diversity

Our first objective was to create a single visual identity that could be applied to all ISDI campaigns across all media (banners, emails and landing pages) to achieve more consistency and generate more impact, but with the challenge of being a flexible working tool at the same time.

Be more recognizable among competitors

Another important point of the new visual identity was to help ISDI find its own voice, different from that of its competitors, looking for elements that would help make the brand recognizable with the naked eye in a rather saturated market.

Reinforcing the message through values

It was not only about attracting attention. The new visual identity also had to visually transmit those ISDI values (modernity, self-improvement, optimism, leadership...) that can be very useful to get new leads but that were not so clear with the previous image.

Respecting inheritance

Achieving a much more contemporary image was another of the necessary requirements of this project. But ISDI's new identity could not be approached from a rupturist perspective, but it was necessary to respect certain distinctive elements that the brand still has present in other platforms, such as the website and the offline documents.

A rebranding to revitalize your campaigns
A rebranding to revitalize your campaigns

Social media assets

A very important part of the communication of any company is done through social networks. That's why in OKB we put our emphasis on the development of creativities that respond to the language of each of them (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook...) and adapt to the type of final recipient.

A rebranding to revitalize your campaigns

Landing pages that convert

No-code solutions

Social media campaigns are not complete without a landing page that receives all the traffic they generate and converts it into new leads. Landing pages and social media assets should have the same visual identity so that the former can take full advantage of the interest that the latter has sparked in visitors.

For developing these landing pages we used a no-code solution called Landingi -since one of the requirements of the project was that ISDI's own team could maintain and update these pages- but we can also use other platforms such as WordPress or Pardot (or even do the complete development of them in HTML ourselves).

A rebranding to revitalize your campaigns
A rebranding to revitalize your campaigns
A rebranding to revitalize your campaigns

Email campaigns

At OKB Interactive Studio we prepare all kinds of email communications (events, nurturing, promotions, newsletters...) and we integrate them into any platform: Pardot, MailChimp, Sendinblue, Campaign Monitor... To make emailing campaigns more effective, we work both to obtain a good opening rate and a good interaction with the content.

A rebranding to revitalize your campaigns

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